Functional duties of a manager:

1)   Candidates’ selection;
2)   Interview with candidates;
3)   Verification of standard set of papers in compliance with Minimum Safety Manning;

4)   English test (oral);
5)   Monitoring of candidates’ application forms;
6)   Crew planning ( embarkation/repatriation/planning of the next voyage);
7)   Negotiations with partners;
8)   Negotiations with the Masters/Agents concerning the arrangement of embarkation;
9)   Arrangement of formalities connected with visas;
10) Booking of flights and hotels;
11) Marks in the check list;
12) Marking Black List;
13) Record keeping of crediting of crew wages to an account on the basis of Crew Planning;
14) Collecting of necessary documents for visas;
15) Preparing of documents in compliance with Flag Certificate;
16) Preparing of papers which must be signed according to the check list;
17) Check of references.



1)   Seafarers’ registration;
2)   Receiving of phone calls/faxes/messages;
3)   Registration of incoming/outgoing correspondence;
4)   Issuance of certificates/letters of referral;
5)   Official registration of registry cards;
6)   Arrangement of computer tests (Ces 4.1, Ces 5.0 online, Marlins, Marlins online, SETS);
7)   Assistance in preparing of papers corresponding Flag Certificate;
8)   Inquiry;
9)   Booking of transport;
10) Order/record keeping/delivery of overalls;
11) Updating of application forms;
12) Insertion of information in data base;
13) Monitoring of regularly ordered goods;
14) Receipt of certificates and calling of rescue service if necessary;
15) Monitoring of consistency and availability of necessary documentation on company’s stand;
16) Arrangement of interview with superintendant.

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